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Administration Usage
Administration of the Dolphin 7 Admin Panelcreated by Anonymous 4970 days ago · last reply by Anonymous 4970 days agoWe are going to try to outline what is going on with the Admin Panel on Dolphin 7 here. If you know how something works, and ...
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Photo can not be added to user profilecreated by hinsonm 4602 days ago · last reply by hinsonm 4602 days agoI have just had a new 7.0.5 system setup and I noticed that after a user joins they can upload a photo, but the photo fails t...
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How to Apply template to admin panelcreated by asshu 4771 days ago · last reply by jason 4750 days agoIf one change the template of Dolphin it affects only the front panel.But If one login as an admin .The admin panels looks as...
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How do I reset License key on admin panel? created by asshu 4759 days ago · last reply by jason 4750 days ago I want to reset the license key.Does any one have Idea on resetting the current license? I have cliked on "
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