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Download Previous Releases
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It's a question that's asked at least every month: "Where can I download a previous release of Dolphin?" The answer is easier than you may think.

BoonEx has an official archive of previous releases at Sourceforge, where every previous release (even Dolphin 5.6 and the Thanksgiving edition) is available, and free to download. It is not kept-up-to-date with the current release, but only the previous ones, meaning that if you want to download the current release, it should be done through this web site. However, if you want to check out an older release and see what is was like, or have a client who needs an older release for various purposes and reasons, this is your one-stop destination, and there's no need to go through third-party web sites to find the download, or fear of any tampering with releases.

Dolphin Smart Community Builder at Sourceforge

You can also find previous releases of Orca at its own Sourceforge project page, but be warned, it has only been updated up to Orca 2.0b (beta).

Orca Interactive Forum Script at Sourceforge

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