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Higher Quality Video
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Want High Quality Video AND reduce bandwidth? I do .. and now you can too!

Information: Original Test File is 25MB WMV

Default Boonex settings (poor) File was 1.6MB

25FPS and Keep Original Video Format (variable bit-rate) 23MB and looked awesome

My New Settings look as good as HI-Q version but only 6MB File!

How to Do It (And what to Tinker With)

Open /public_html/flash/modules/video/inc/ (save a local backup just in case!)


Line 169 Change

$sTmpl = $sFfmpegPath . " -y -i " . $sInputFile . " -r " . getVideoFps() . " -s " . getVideoSize($sSize) . $sSound;


$sTmpl = $sFfmpegPath . " -y -i " . $sInputFile . " -r " . getVideoFps() . " -s " . getVideoSize($sSize) . $sSound . " -qmin 3 -qmax 6 "; 

Please note and retain spaces between "'s and command!  " -qmin 3 -qmax 6 "

Note: TURN OFF "Keep Original Video Format" and set FPS to 25 in Flash Module Video Settings!


Still not small enough a file for you? -qmin and -qmax can range from 1 - 31. Lower is HIGHER quality. -qmin -qmax at 1 is lossless and totally a waste of bandwidth. But if you want to reduce the file size while minimizing loss of quality, start setting -qmax higher until you find the sweet spot. You may need to flush the cache each time you change the file, I'm not sure.

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